P2E game rankings: Most popular and highest-grossing games



As P2E (Play-to-Earn) games have recently become very popular in the digital content market, let’s find out which games are the most popular by checking the P2E game rankings.

Play2un games have an attractive element of providing players with the opportunity to make money within the game, allowing them to enjoy the game and make money at the same time.

Let’s take a closer look at the 10 most popular P2E games that are becoming a hot topic on coin community sites.

Axie Infinity, No. 1 in P2E game rankings

The #1 P2E game ranking is, of course, Axie Infinity.

Exi Infinity is a leader in peer-to-peer blockchain games where you collect and battle Exis, cute anime-style creatures.

Players can own and nurture Exies to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in-game.

These NFTs are traded on the market, increasing in value and generating revenue for players.

P2E 게임 순위 엑시 인피니티
P2E Game Rankings Exi Infinity

Decentraland, ranked 2nd in P2E games

Decentraland is a blockchain-based P2E platform that builds and owns virtual reality worlds.

Here you can purchase and develop land and real estate to earn money within a virtual economic system.

Decentraland also offers great visuals and social interaction to create an enjoyable experience for players.

P2E 게임순위 디센트럴랜드
P2E Game Rankings Decentraland

3rd place in P2E game ranking: CryptoBlades (Crypto Blades)

CryptoBlades is a P2E action RPG based on blockchain technology, where players use weapons to battle monsters and receive rewards.

You can use tokens in-game to improve and trade weapons to make money.

4th place in P2E game ranking: My Defi Pet

My Defi Pet is a blockchain-based P2E simulation game where you raise and train digital pets.

Players own unique DeFi pets and compete against other players to earn tokens.

You can train your pet to improve it to win stronger battles, and sell it on the market to make money.

P2E 게임 순위 마이 디파이 펫
P2E Game Rankings My DeFi Pet

5th place in P2E game ranking: Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a blockchain-based P2E card game that combines card collecting and strategy.

Players collect cards and battle other players, making full use of each card’s characteristics and abilities.

If you win, you will receive a reward, and the card will be issued as an NFT and traded on the market.

6th place in P2E game ranking: The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based P2E platform where users create and manage virtual worlds.

Users purchase land within the game and combine game elements to create unique experiences.

These creations can be issued as NFTs to generate revenue for their owners.

7th place in P2E game ranking: Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer mining simulation game that combines mining with land digital asset ownership.

Players can mine tokens and own digital assets in the form of NFTs in the Alien universe.

Assets acquired in-game can be traded on the market to make money.

P2E game ranking 8th place F1 Delta Time (F1 Delta Time)

F1 Delta Time is a blockchain-based P2E racing game with Formula 1’s official NFT license.

Players own unique vehicle NFTs and receive rewards when they participate in races and win.

Players can also participate in seasonal and race events to earn additional rewards.

9th place in P2E game ranking: Lost Relics

Lost Relics is a blockchain-based P2E action-adventure game developed by Modenara Lee Bul-ri.

The game offers tons of quests and dungeon exploration to provide players with fun gameplay.

Additionally, items and equipment obtained within the game can be issued as NFTs and traded on the market.

10th place in P2E game ranking: Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is a blockchain-based party game with the overly stylish character Blancos.

The game offers high levels of fun through exploring a creative world and interacting with other players.

Blancos each have unique abilities and designs, and players can own them to make money.

In conclusion

P2E games are creating a new market with the advancement of blockchain technology, providing a new way for millions of players to enjoy games while generating revenue.

Each of the ten popular P2E games introduced above offers unique fun and experiences, and advances in blockchain and NFTs are revolutionizing the gaming industry.


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